For my portraiture photos I booked out a camera and tested it out on different subjects in order to get to grips with how to change the settings to produce the best photos in different lightings. Having very limited knowledge on cameras prior to coming to university I found this very useful and noticed the photos I was taking improving over the  time period of having the camera. To take all of the following photos I used a Canon 600D  on manual setting with a 50mm lens.


As you can see this image is blurred and not in focus. This was because this was taken without a tripod and also the shutter speed was too slow.




To correct this issue I set the shutter speed to be much quicker however this makes the image much darker.  I feel like I have learnt a lot about cameras whilst at uni as I wouldn’t have known how to solve this option before coming to Uni.


These next 3 photos were me testing out the camera on my flat mates. The first photo is slightly out of focus but the next 2 are far better with the subject in focus. I particularly like the middle image as it is an action shot. I managed to take this photo mid sneeze capturing the strange expression on his face. I also really like how the background is blurred out focusing all attention on the subject of the photo. After taking these photos I found out I had accidently changed one of the lighting settings on the camera called shade lighting. This produces the orangey glow to all of the photos but in many ways this is a nice affect on these photos.

IMG_3053 IMG_3054 IMG_3056 IMG_3050 IMG_3051 IMG_3052

These photos are my final portrait photos for the portrait project. My parents were going to a ballroom event but before that they went round someone else’s house for pre drinks. I asked if I could come with them to take photos of people at the party. I went round meeting strangers at the party and asked to take their photo and these were the results. Unfortunately the lighting for these photos was only from ceiling lights in the room as I didn’t have access to studio lighting.  They are far from perfect some are not quite in focus and others are slightly under exposed but I am pleased with the overall outcome of the photos and how they have turned out.

Exhausting a place in lincoln

The place I have chosen to exhaust is the kitchen in my flat.

To begin with the room is very hot as the evening sun shines right through the floor to ceiling windows and the ovens are on as people cook their dinner. The colour scheme is very plain with greys and browns making up the majority of the colours visible. The table shines bright white with a hint of orange as the sunlight reflects onto it. The room smells strongly of cooking ingredients in particularly garlic. There is a constant sound of a knife flying through meat into a chopping board and every now and then the sound of metal clanging together as people move their cooking equipment around. Out the window you can see the sun setting over the buildings the other side of the water. The train barrier must have just gone up as a flood of people suddenly walk along the road next to the train tracks. Just then an alarm sounds as someone’s oven timer finishes.

Studio portrature

24826043_1306905106122048_1339861760_o 24879325_1306905129455379_2005473086_o IMG_3002

These were 3 of the photos I took whilst we were in the photography studio. This was a useful task as it really helped me to understand how to use lighting and also reflecting in order to take the best photos and how they can be controlled. The photo in the middle can be seen to be slightly under exposed but I corrected this for the following photo.

Still Life

In this assignment we had to capture images of everyday objects that we found out and about. What I enjoyed about this assignment is that the simplest of everyday objects could be transformed into really though provoking images. Some of my images came out far better than others as you can see.


This image is far too over exposed producing bright colours to correct for this I put the camera on a lower ISO and also dimmed the lights a bit to produce this image instead.


I prefer the much darker tone of this image as it produces more of a feeling of mystery than the previous image.


For my final image I chose to use a black background to draw attention to the objects as opposed to the background. I found that getting the lighting right on this image was very difficult. One side had to much light and the other side n0t enough. To get the right lighting I got a reflector to reflect the light onto the other side of the objects. This worked well and gave me the desired effect I was looking for.